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Overnight Stays

Features Of The House;
  • Sand pit

  • Dog pool

  • Ball pit

  • Close proximity to Tarragindi dog park

  • Quite Zones (two storey house)

  • Grassed backyard

  • Tiled under cover area on both floors

  • Easy access to outside – dog doors on both floors

  • Constant human companionship, someone is always home

  • Dog friendly couches and beds

  • Dog food fridge and freezer

  • Two live in dog companions (golden retrievers)

All Rooms & Packages Include;
  • Any diet can be accommodated (raw, cooked, kibble)

  • Dogs have a choice of where to sleep including owners bedrooms

  • Walks/Dog park visits are at least 1 hour

  • Experienced in giving oral, topical and injectable medication

  • Photos of your dog are provided at least twice a day (unless otherwise specified)

  • Staff are contactable 24/7 for any concerns

  • Specialise in large and giant dogs (30kg to 90kg)

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