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Find the answers to all your questions

  • I can't find an answer to my question, what do I do?"
    Head over to our contact us page and will will be happy to anwser your question. If it is urgent ring 0435614140
  • What should I bring for my dog's overnight stay?
    You should bring: Bed / favourite blanket Food Bowl Toys you don't mind getting destroyed (optional as we have plenty of toys on site) Medication (if needed) Lead We cannot promise that anything will be returned back to you in the same condition it arrived, so please keep this in mind when packing for your dog.
  • What should I bring for my dogs day care stay?
    You should bring: Lead Toys you dont mind being destroyed (Optiona as we have plenty of toys on sitel) Bowl and Food (late night day care only) We cannot promise that anything will be returned back to you in the same condition it arrived, so please keep this in mind when packing for your dog.
  • What size dogs do you service?
    The only services that have a size restriction is dog day care and overnight stays. Due to a gate that is off the ground we are unble to take dogs shorter than 30cm from shoulder to ground. All other services have no size restriction.
  • I have a giant dog, can you service them?"
    Absolutely! Both Robert and Zanthia specialise in large and giant dogs. They both have experience with giant dogs (over 70kgs). Even if your large dog pulls we will be able to provide you with whatever service you want.
  • My dog pulls, can you still walk them?"
    We require all new clients to have a free trial booking, this is where we will be able to determine if we are able to walk your dog safely (for them and us). We have extensive experience with dogs that pull and there are very few instances where we would not be able to walk your dog, even if it is a large / giant dog. If you are currently working on your dog's lead walking please provide instructions on how to best reinforce your training.
  • My dog is reactive, can you service them?"
    We will need to schedule a free meet and greet session to discuss your dogs needs before agreeing to take on your dog. We strongly believe that reactive does not equal bad. However, we are conscious that reactive dogs have complex needs that we need to ensure we can provide, so your dog stays happy and healthy in our environment and other dogs in our care are safe.
  • My dog is not toilet trained, can you service them?"
    Yes we can. We have polished floor boards throughout the house so accidents are quickly and easily cleaned up. We will also take your dog out for regular toilet breaks so their toilet training is reinforced.
  • Can you reinforce my dog's training?
    Yes! We have self trained all of our dogs using positive reinforcement training. We enjoy being part of your dog's learning experience.
  • My dog uses an Ecollar, prong collar or choker chain, will you use them?"
    As we are not trained in those tools we would not use them without first being trained either by yourself or your trainer.
  • How do I cancel,  pause or edit my booking?"
    You can do this in the membership area, under my bookings. If you have difficulties ring 0493 163 494.
  • Do I have to give notice to cancel my booking?
    Yes you will need to give 24h notice from the booking start time to be able to receive a full refund unless there are special circumstances including, illness (Human or Dog), family emergency, border closers, Covid isolation requirements. Ring 0493 163 494 to discuss we are not unreasonable. However, we have limited places so if you secure a booking it means we will have probably had to turn others away.
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